How to Install AMD Drivers!

This guide will show you how to download the proper drivers. If you aren't sure what AMD card you have, then you can try the AMD Auto-detect option to download a program that will tell you.

What You'll Need

1. Internet Access
2. AMD Graphics Card

Step 1: Download Driver

Go to AMD's download page to download the correct driver. Select the right driver you need from that list.

If you aren't sure which one you need you can use The AMD Driver AutoDetect tool to tell you.

Once you identify which card you have you'll see on the driver download page that there are several different options listed. Just download the top option out of the ones available and ignore the rest.

AMD Driver options, choose the top one

Step 2: Run the Download

Once you begin the installation process, you can leave everything at it's defaults and the program should install without any problems

AMD Install screen

Are your issues persisting?

If you are running into the same problems you were before uninstalling and reinstalling your Graphics Driver (or if you are having new ones), then there is a good chance your issue might be either with the programs you are using, or Windows itself. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the games/programs and their clients, otherwise use one of the links below.

Display Driver Uninstaller

if you need to uninstall the Graphics drivers because they didn't install correctly, or for any other reason, select this link here

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Windows Repair

If you think your issues might be caused by Windows (Or if you aren't sure) these guides will help you try to repair it

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Windows Reinstall

If you think your issues may be caused by Windows or something corrupt in your operating system, it may be time to do a complete re-installation.

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