System Drivers

If you are having issues that you suspect to be caused by any of your system drivers, you'll want to select the first option below. Short of reinstalling windows, it's the best way to fix any issues caused by system drivers by uninstalling them and reinstalling them.

(Note: It is not recommended to use driver disks to reinstall your drivers. Those drivers will be older, less stable versions than the current ones from online. To minimize chances of running into issues you'll want to download the newest versions from online).

Driver/Program Uninstall

The proper way to uninstall old drivers in preparation for system upgrades or to prepare for reinstalling them

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Locate Motherboard Drivers

This guide shows you how to locate the drivers for your motherboard online

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Install Drivers

How to install drivers you download from online. (It is not recommended to use driver disks to install drivers)

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Other Drivers

If you have other components in your system that will need drivers (wireless card, sound card, USB devices, etc) this guide will show you how to find them and install them

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