How to Install Intel Drivers

This guide will show you how to download the proper drivers for Intel. (If you have a Nvidia or AMD GPU in your system, you'll want to install drivers for those instead.)

Method 1: Update through motherboard page

Take a look at This link here where it shows how to find and install your motherboard drivers. One of the drivers listed will say it's a "VGA" or "Graphics" driver. Find and install that driver to install the newest driver for your chipset.

Method 2: Intel Driver Update

Intel has a Driver Update tool that can install the proper driver for you (And any others you may be missing). You can find that tool at

Display Driver Uninstaller

if you need to uninstall the Graphics drivers because they didn't install correctly, or for any other reason, select this link here

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Windows Repair

If you think your issues might be caused by Windows (Or if you aren't sure) these guides will help you try to repair it

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Windows Reinstall

If you think your issues may be caused by Windows or something corrupt in your operating system, it may be time to do a complete re-installation.

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